Sunday, 3 August 2014

How to tell Rats and Mice apart

Hey you guys! Sorry I haven't been typing recently... I have a few other things to worry about.n_n. Many people can't tell the difference between a mouse and a rat and end up not caring for it properly, and I would like to help them.

So... which makes a better pet? I think that they are both awesome in different ways so I'll let you decide.

Rats and mice alike make great family pets. I know most of you think that they are dirty and carry diseases so, are dangerous. They are actually quite clean and do not, i repeat DO NOT carry diseases.

Rats are very intelligent creatures and are friendlier than mice if you believe! They can be easily tamed and will become very attached to you. Mice are faster than rats so rats are easier to hold and handle.

But... don't count mice out! Mice are lots of fun too and good to watch as they play in their cage. Mice don't need as much exercise outside the cage as rats, so they can be easier and less time consuming than rats to look after.

Rodent fact! Did you know that while mice live for around two years, a rat lives for two to three years!?

Ready for their similarities? Well, they both have a long tail to help with balancing and climbing, they have strong front teeth like  beavers, which will grow throughout life. They also have their famous whiskers which which help it find out more about its surrounding, and last but not least they have their surprisingly smooth coats.

If I had to choose which one I'd want as a pet, I'd choose a mouse. but, it's really your decision so leave in the comments below who'd you choose pet lovers. Bye (for now).

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